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The Traynham Family

Kesha Lambert Photography is excited to share this fun and playful family session with you today! This is the Traynham Family and boy are they the sweetest! This beautiful family truly radiates love towards each other. Whether it’s dancing, laughing, or the way that their son, Ethan looks at his mom and dad…you can feel the deep bond that they share together.  Honestly, we had just as much as fun photographing them as they did laughing and playing together! The site location they chose was Long Island City, New York which gave the perfect backdrop of the City, fun mural walls and even some dancing in the rain.

Thank you, Traynham Family for letting Kesha Lambert Photography capture your beautiful family this season!

Fun fact: The first time that Kesha photographed this family was for Sherrida’s Maternity session with little Ethan that you see in the pictures below!


-Mindy @KLP



I just had to tell this story.. .

Yesterday we took a trip to the city to do the makeup and photography for a lovely couple from Russia!  They requested pictures all over the NYC so that they can have them as great memories of their vacation when they return to Russia. While doing makeup for the wife, I suggested one of the places we go is the Highline Park . . . after all, you don’t see an elevated park everyday right?  We entered the park on 14th Street and as soon as we hit the second flight of stairs, Kesha yells in excitement to the couple (and if you know Kesha, she’s not easily excitable!) ‘Guys, stand right there at the top for a picture!’  We all looked at the top of the stairs slightly dumbfounded as to why she was so excited.  Once the client got to the top of the stairs, I understood immediately.  The sunlight was peeking through the angles of the staircase in such a dramatic way, it was breathtaking!  Great eye Kesha!

Here’s the result:



Do you see how the light is hitting her as well as the staircase?  Gorg!



Makeup shot!


We love the Highline!



“Life is sooo much better with lashes on”