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The Traynham Family

Kesha Lambert Photography is excited to share this fun and playful family session with you today! This is the Traynham Family and boy are they the sweetest! This beautiful family truly radiates love towards each other. Whether it’s dancing, laughing, or the way that their son, Ethan looks at his mom and dad…you can feel the deep bond that they share together.  Honestly, we had just as much as fun photographing them as they did laughing and playing together! The site location they chose was Long Island City, New York which gave the perfect backdrop of the City, fun mural walls and even some dancing in the rain.

Thank you, Traynham Family for letting Kesha Lambert Photography capture your beautiful family this season!

Fun fact: The first time that Kesha photographed this family was for Sherrida’s Maternity session with little Ethan that you see in the pictures below!


-Mindy @KLP



Candace and Demetrius Wedding

gr-18 Please help us in congratulating #KeshaLambertCouple, Candace and Demetrius. Kesha Lambert Photography was honored to capture this wedding of this loving couple.  The love that they share with each other was delightful to see and made photographing them very touching. The Freckled Dragon Entertainment came along for some Photo Booth fun as well! 🙂 To see more of this beautiful couple, you can see their stunning engagement session here: Candace + Demetrius Engagement. Stay tuned for more exciting photos to come .

-Nadia @ KLP








Deidra and Jeffrey Wedding


Congratulations to Deidra and Jeffrey. This couple had an intimate wedding that was full of love and devotion. Deidra was a beautiful bride that was adored in magnificent creation from Pantora Bridal. Her adorable daughters were clothed in Pantora minis gowns. Deidra and Jeffery’s family and friends joined a celebratory reception after the ceremony. It was a pleasure and an honor for Kesha Lambert Photography to capture this wonderful occasion.  Stay tuned for more exciting photos to come.

-Nadia @ KLP

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Family Portraits From Retro to Rock

Photography: Kesha Lambert
Makeup: Charlene Armstrong
Hair: Shavon Cherry
Styling: Monique Sebastian

I recently had the privilege of shooting with my good friend Monique and her beautiful family with MUA Charlene Armstrong and hairstylist Shavon Cherry on deck. These portraits are the fruits of our collaboration. When Monique contacted me about updating her family portraits, I knew that we had to develop a portrait concept that embodied the diversity and beauty of her family.

Monique and Marlon are a dynamic couple full of glamour, fun and big personality.

They have two handsome boys Tyler (The Negotiator)

and Shane (The Boss) 2 years old.

The close bond between these brothers is immediately evident upon meeting them.

The first concept that I pitched to Monique was a Rock N Roll in My Parents’ Garage theme where we would portray the entire family as a rock band practicing their tunes in a garage.

The theme is fitting for this family because they are big music lovers!


Monique immediately took to the suggestion and brought it to life with her fab sense of style.

Charlene, developed the second concept, a retro glam concept that would require the family to conjure up a touch of 1940’s fabulousity. 

This concept is also fitting because Monique is a ‘Nista …

…fashionista, stylenista, shoenista….you get the picture.  

Charlene loves all things retro and pin-up so this concept was right up her alley!

The next phase in the creative process involved collaboration between the creative team, Charlene, Shavon, the client Monique and myself.  Charlene, the MUA and my creative partner in crime, started planning out and procuring the props for the rock n roll set. 

While I began to scout a location for the retro concept. We already had a garage location secured for the rock n roll set but I was at a loss for location ideas for the retro theme.  I knew that I wanted a contrast. A location that looked aged, a little distressed yet beautiful.  I surfed the web, drove around the neighborhood and still …nada. 

I finally spotted the perfect location in a photograph in the portfolio of a talented photographer friend of mine…..and she was good enough to share the info with me!

The Results?

 we  shot the Retro portion of the session first.


there is nothing in this world like a mother’s love.

hey camera lady…I know you’re back there….why are you following us?


Shane adores his dad

but deep down he’s a momma’s boy at heart

then off to the next location to rock out

 The Family rockin’ out together

Mother and son duet

Shane catching up on entertainment news

Tyler. Is. Cool.

The Parents rock together too…

Shane, the boss, does not like to be interrupted while singing.

and that’s a wrap!

It was a fun and memorable session with a beautiful family and a great creative team!


More photos on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Kesha-Lambert-Photography/117447701767www.keshalambert.com