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The Traynham Family

Kesha Lambert Photography is excited to share this fun and playful family session with you today! This is the Traynham Family and boy are they the sweetest! This beautiful family truly radiates love towards each other. Whether it’s dancing, laughing, or the way that their son, Ethan looks at his mom and dad…you can feel the deep bond that they share together.  Honestly, we had just as much as fun photographing them as they did laughing and playing together! The site location they chose was Long Island City, New York which gave the perfect backdrop of the City, fun mural walls and even some dancing in the rain.

Thank you, Traynham Family for letting Kesha Lambert Photography capture your beautiful family this season!

Fun fact: The first time that Kesha photographed this family was for Sherrida’s Maternity session with little Ethan that you see in the pictures below!


-Mindy @KLP



Year In Review | Countdown To 2017: Families


Year In Review: Countdown To 2017 Series
As we approach the end of 2016, I reflect on the many beautiful people we had the pleasure of working with this year.  In 2016 we worked with over 100 Clients and documented 50 weddings. We captured life events at some of the most jaw dropping locations, and formed deep connections with our clients and friendors (aka wedding vendor friends). We had laughs, missteps (literally some of us are clumsy here at team KLP) and bloopers; we cried tears of joy and reflection, we danced with our clients, created a little mischief with our couples, we pushed the proverbial envelope and tried new things. For all the foregoing reasons I think it’s only fitting that we dedicate the month of December to highlighting some of our favorite and most memorable experiences and photos from 2016.

Year In Review Countdown #25: Family Favorites

Starting with the families! As we like to call them, the #KeshaLambertFamily  The Kesha Lambert Family has fun; they give face and slay, they laugh with every muscle in their bodies, their dance battles are MAJOR, and snuggling is a sport. Most of all the Kesha Lambert Family is the embodiment of Love.

The Jones Family
The Jones Family is Goals! Goals upon goals! Don’t believe me? Just read all about them here:  and bonus, our editorial shoot with this uber fab family is featured on the cover and interior pages of the current print issue of Heart and Soul Magazine!


The Nelson Family
1This silhouette is one of my favorites!  He leads with strength and love, they follow with confidence. They lift each other up and hold each other tight.  The Nelson girls are bright, beautiful and charming to boot; and their mom and dad are oh so smitten with each other.  We adore this perfectly and fashionably coordinated family.



The Williams Family
I have been documenting these adorable Littles for their mom and dad for 4 years now.  We go to Manor Park in Larchmont annually to run, play and take pictures. One thing that was striking to me this year is that little Jack is officially a big boy. In years prior we literally had to chase, beg and tender ice cream brides to catch this little guy on camera. This year he was poised and camera ready!



The Barnes Family
These giggles, these colors, the disheveled hair and bright eyes in this photo make me smile. This is family; love, light, laughter and a little bit haphazard.




Melissa’s Little Heart Melter
This was a quick session in preparation for a christening. The cuteness!


The Compton Family
The Compton Twins! The cutest is so much it actually hurts!! I feel a special connection to The Comptons, fellow parents of multiples. We had such a great time at Rye Playland for their family session.



The Edmon Family
The Edmonds invited me in to their home for an intimate family session. They have such a beautiful family dynamic but their little ones stole the show.  Heart melters much?!


Christine + JJ
Last but most certainly not least. Christine + JJ. They are getting married and they included JJ’s son (aka Christine’s bonus son) in the session because, he’s a big part of this next chapter in their lives together.



We’ll be revisiting some of our favorites counting down to the new year! Lot’s of fab and never before seen highlights from weddings and events! Click “Subscribe” to receive the updates!


Christina and JJ



KLP had the pleasure of  capturing the Love of Christian and JJ. This engagment session took place in Long Island City and was the perfect back drop for this stylist couple. These two came prepared and ready to show to world their love. They also brought their son along for a little family fun. Stay tuned for more exciting photos to come.

-Nadia @ KLP











Snow Day 2015

previewToday was my first round of portrait sessions for the New Year; and it snowed. It sleeted and snowed. It rained, it sleeted and it snowed some more.  God thing I had clients that were the “anything for the shot” type of clients.  Here is a peek at my session with this super stylish and oh so beautiful family. They were my first session for 2015.  Stay tuned! More to follow soon!

CFP-36 BW-70



Family Portrait Ice Breakers

PREVIEWThis handsome little guy hiding behind his joy was not feeling the whole portrait shoot thing at first. I captured this shot when he was just starting to warm up. These things happen sometimes with little ones. From simple disinterest in having their portraits taken, to silent protests and full blown meltdowns. But I always have a few tricks up my sleeve to break the ice. Being a photographer of people and a mommy of sons has taught me well!

PREVIEW-21. Get them to play!
I always have an interactive prop on hand like like glitter, paper planes, balls, or confetti. I mean who can resist an invitation to blow a handful of glitter?! No one! that’s who. Not even adults.  I always have conversation with the little ones; beyond what grade are you in and tell me about your favorite subject. I’ve found that a little chit chat and frivolous banter will get even the moodiest of children to loosen up for the lens.  Give them a challenge!

PREVIEW-32. Strike Up A Conversation
I always have conversation with the little ones; beyond what grade are you in and tell me about your favorite subject. I’ve found that a little chit chat and frivolous banter will get even the moodiest of children to loosen up for the lens.

PREVIEW-63. Give them a challenge!
I bet you can’t (fill in the blank)  or I bet you ______the highest. Let’s see you can _________the fastest. A little friendly competition between parents and child(ren) works every time.

PREVIEW-5More peeks at what we’ve been up to! Lot’s of beautiful weddings and portraits in the pipeline!


Family Portrait Mode

post-6We have lots of beautiful families on the calendar this time of year and I’m having so much fun shooting at various beautifully leaf littered locations. Here are a few from a recent session with one of our long-standing clients. We’ve been shooting with this family annually for the past 3 years.

post-2 post Stay tuned for photo recap of all the wonderful things that we’ve been up too!

Sibling Love

199113_10151128933086768_1985093529_nThis morning as I was organizing my archives of weddings and photo shoots past I came across these photos and I had to share. The one thing these photos have in common is that they capture fleeting moments between sisters. I absolutely adore capturing relationships through images; and there is something particularly magical about sibling relationships. Check it out

391493_10151063400186768_917962674_n  523602_10151128932961768_2074607064_n 558540_10151128932781768_295563187_n Vow Renewal by Lash to Lens Photography14