Dearest Queen,

Today I pay tribute to you, the women who inspire me.  The women I know, love and admire. The women who fearlessly crush their goals. The women who pray for me. The women who boldly and beautifully demolish glass ceilings and look photo shoot fresh whilst doing it. The women who love on us and treat my children as their own.  The women who feed my soul. The women who reach a hand back to lift me up because if “I’m up, you’re up.” The women who pay it forward. Mom goals women. Photographer crush women. Entrepreneur goals women. Transparent, vulnerable you’re not alone women. You are Regal. Your crown precedes you. You are warriors. Keep kicking those barriers down. You are magic.  You inspire so many just by being. Happy International Women’s Day!




This blog post is not about photography. Enjoy this mix of iPhone chronicles and candids captured of some of the beautiful women who inspired this post. Happy International Women’s Day!


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Mom. I love you.


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My sisters, sister cousins, sister-friends, Vendor Friends : Aiyisha Robinson, Jacqueline John, Venessa Shorte, Haruko Bethune et al,  Andrea Pitter-Campbell. Audrey Woulard, Nadia Holmes, Sabrina Thompson, Shamieka Simmons, Camara Aunique, Tricia Smith-Brown, Jasmine, Nadia Vidal, Tomayia Colvin, Victoria Lartey Williams, Natasha Davis, Anye Dwain, Yomaris Coromina, Lauren Beamon et al Yvonna Kopacz-Wright, Anita Kopacz, Corinne, Michelle Kopacz, Cathleen Trigg-Jones, Nikki, Erica, Aaliyah et al, Charlene Armstrong, Elicia Hughey, Monique Sebastian, Jess Iovino, Timeesha Duncan,  Nakia Thomas, Yasmin Quiles, Crystal Norris, Alexandra Correa, Mindy Briar, Jillian Joseph, Tracy Vroom, Keisha Massop, Keisha Moss, and the beautiful community of  Sistogs (Sister Photographers) and Friendors (vendor friends), colleagues who support and lift each other up.  You are an inspiration.


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