KLP Year in Review: “Most talked about” Photos in 2017

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We are incredibly grateful for our readers, followers and supporters!! Every comment and shout out helps to keep us connected and contributes to the growth of KLP; We’ve heard the words “I found you on Insta” countless times so for today’s blog post we have gathered the intel from my @keshalambert and compiled a list of the “Most Commented on Photos of 2017”! We love to hear what YOU what you think of our images and truly appreciate all of the love, feedback, heart eyes and commentary. Here are are Instagram posts that sparked the most conversation in 2017


10th – This mirror reflection of the groomsmen

9th – This image of birds ascending above Britney and Joe

8th- This throwback of snow capped eyelashes

7th – This before and after carousel post. A behind the scenes #KeshaAtWork video clip followed by one of the resulting images.

6th – The “Maid Of Turnup” #KeshaLambertBride Taqiyyah coined this term and it was so fitting.


5th – These heartwarming canoodlers, looking cozy in the snow.


4th – The dress that launched a thousand reposts!


3rd – Everyone showed love on my birthday. My birthday post

2nd – Perfectly styled Bride and Bride Tribe

#1 – The photo that ignited the MOST conversation (see what I did there?!) is this smoking bride and groom portrait of our friends and founder of Pandora Bridal.


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