Ebow Loves Tracy: A Surprise Proposal


TE-32I’m still squealing over Tracy’s surprise proposal; she is a friend and loyal supporter of this KLP movement so when Ebow contacted me about capturing his surprise proposal; I was beside myself ecstatic.  The whole event (because this was indeed an event) took place last Saturday afternoon. Groom-To-Be Ebow orchestrated this well planned stealth operation and called upon the help of some of Tracy’s nearest and dearest to pull it off.

The Location
The Temple Of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum.

WMWhen Ebow contacted me about capturing the proposal he explained that The Met is Tracy’s favorite childhood space. The location was sentimental and and oh so perfect.

The Collaborators 
“It Takes A Family” -Ebow-

For the proposal Ebow invited Tracy’s besties to surround her with love and help execute the details!


The Proposal
They spent the afternoon at The Met. A seemingly, impromptu plan.

TE-103Their afternoon stroll ended at The Temple of Dendur where, unbeknownst to Tracy, a beautiful surprise was in store.

WM-111Tracy was clearly surprised and visibly moved; needless to say lots of hugging went down!
BW-2Tracy was all “You’re here?!”  <insert hugs> “and you?!” <more hugs>  “WHAT??????! You too?!” She hugged the camera lady like “Keshaaaa what is happening?”



The proposal started with the reading two poems by her Besties. and then….





Bended knee

Kisses and More Hugs

Post Engagement Proposal Celebration
We don’t throw up gang signs, we throw up ring signs






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