Adanna + Irani Throwback

asteelIf you follow me on any type of social media you know that I adore these two. I was holed up all of yesterday editing and reorganizing files, when I stumbled across this gem. I can’t believe I’ve never shared this.  So I popped on to share this KLP moment from Adanna + Irani’s wedding. I love that they let us do this with them.  We were at The Grandview in Poughkeepsie along the water, bridge in the backdrop. I set the exposure, set the lighting (Hubby helped me out with that!) Set the timer, lit the steel wool contraption and got to spinning! We even had an audience. There was a hill in the distance and onlookers came outside to cheer, applaud and congratulate the couple; every time a spark went flying the cheers got louder. It was hilarious. It was fun. It was memorable.




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