Keisha + Ray: Canoodling 101

RB-2I had a lovely time shooting with some of my favorites yesterday. Started the day with event designer extraordinaire Tricia Smith Brown then off to this esession with one of my nearest and dearest friends.  Keisha + Ray are so dang cool.  They were pretty much game for anything. I was all “you wanna scale that grungy algae infested ledge?” and they were like “Bet!”  Needless to say there were so many gems from their session.


Engagement Portrait Humor

I call this little sneak peek Canoodling 101 because this is what happened when I used the word “canoodle” as part of my art direction *giggles*  These two are so adorable and HAWT together.  Check them out!



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Stay tuned, more to follow soon.



3 thoughts on “Keisha + Ray: Canoodling 101

  1. Keisha Massop


    As we approach our 1 year anniversary i want to print these. Please don’t kill me i know we’ve gone down this road before. Link and password please.if you can. I can’t find it in my emails.

    Love you…and call me!!!!!!

    “Treasure Your Hair”



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