Susan + Billy Wedding

What can I say. We adore these two!

This beautiful Irish wedding held at West Point Military Academy was sentimental, sweet and rich with culture.

I first met Susan a little over a year ago when she booked Charly and I for a portrait session. Susan is beautiful,  spunky and simply put she’s just a genuinely nice person. When she later reconnected with us to share the good news of her engagement we were beyond excited.

Susan and Billy have the sweetest love story that I’ve heard to date! Years ago, long before they would eventually meet, fall in love and get married, Billy and Susan danced together at a wedding when they were children.  Pictured here is a photo from that wedding where Susan and Billy danced together side by side with the boy and girl who would later become their respective best friends (maid of honor and Best Man).  How uncanny is that coincidence?! They didn’t know then, that the stars would one day align and bring them together again in adulthood.  Of course they reenacted the wedding dance floor photo. When it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.

preview-50Needless to say the team and I were there with bells on to capture the festivities. Check out the photo recap of all the festivities.

Lead Photographer: Kesha Lambert
Second Photographer: Jess Iovino
Makeup: Charlene Armstrong
Cinema: Dave Bertram

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