Lyndsay + Dan

LDF-31I met Lyndsay and Dan for the first time at their engagement session.  I am slated shoot their wedding with Lights Camera DJs at the end of this month and this engagement session was the perfect ice breaker for the wedding and we really got a chance to get to know each other.   Meeting couples for the first time has become common for me of late with more and more out-of-town and sometimes even local couples electing to book us remotely. I love the opportunity that engagement session presents for photographer and client to learn about each other’s style, creative leanings, personalities, quirks and other dynamics. It’s great to see and fall in love with someone’s work as displayed online or in print but it also just as important for there to be some level of connection between photographer and client so that the wedding story can be portrayed authentically. The portrait session and/or meeting with couples before the wedding day for coffee/tea are all on my pre-wedding to-do list.  I so enjoyed meeting and shooting with Dan and Lyndsay. They are natural, fun and their connection is readily apparent upon meeting them. I had so much fun hanging out with them at Lordship Beach in Stratford, CT.  Check out their photo recap here!


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