Karissa+James New York Engagement

watermark-3Karissa and James were a blast to work with. They are such a cool couple with a sweet love story so we started their session on a sentimental note; we went back to the place where James proposed.

watermark-16Karissa says they went to see Cinderella on Broadway, The proposal happened right outside the Broadway Theatre after the show and it was perfect!  Karissa and James  were open to trying something new for their session which made them the perfect candidates for a little engagement session experiment and my first steel wool portrait with an actual client. Until this session I had only ever done these with my test model (my husband).
watermark-6 At the start of their session I handed each of them a stack post-its and a sharpie. I asked them to write down some of the things that made them fall in love with each other  and some of the things they think their fiance thinks of them on each sheet. These post-its were incorporated in to the session and I asked them not to show each other what they wrote. The results are amazing. Their love notes were unveiled when they received their final images. Take a look at the photo recap here! Stay tuned! More engagements and weddings to follow soon.
preview-1-6watermark-2KJF-17 preview-1-8 KJF-18






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