Steel Wool Photo? Check!

In 2013 I developed a minor obsession with light painting and long exposure photography.  Although I mainly shoot weddings and portraits, at the root of it all I LOVE photography and being the Gemini that I am there isn’t a genre of photography that I don’t find fascinating; and although I have my shooting style leanings, this little Gemini likes to incorporate a vast range of styles and techniques in to her body of work. When I first discovered light painting and steel wool photography it opened Pandora’s box of wild ideas; dreams of beautiful people erupting from bursts of fire, clever blurbs scripted in lights above them.  Unfortunately back then I did not make time to learn and play around with this technique.

nealWell, earlier this year, June to be exact, I attempted my first steel wool photo pictured above, on a “ohh I wanna try” impulse with very little preparation or forethought.  I promised my self that by the end of this year I would learn this technique and incorporate it in to my wedding an portrait work.

boys-3Fast forward to December 2014 and I am closing out the new year with a new and improved steel wool photography portrait (pictured above).  Stay tuned! Steel Wool Family portrait to follow soon! and I am officially addicted. Playing with sparks and light is fun!


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