Angelique + Videll

4I absolutely ADORE (in all CAPS) ADORE these two. Angelique is FAB, drop dead gorgeous and an even more beautiful person on the inside. Videll is her handsome groom with a cool disposition and a charming British accent. Their love story is oh so sweet and their wedding is oh so glam. Check out the photo recap here!

Angelique and Videll wed at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens in style. People traveled from near and far (many from the UK and Jamaica) to help the couple celebrate.  They were surrounded by love and celebrated in style.

“Videll and I met in May 2011. My friends and I went to a lounge called Verlaines in the lower east side. Videll happened to be there with some friends as well. I was immediately drawn to his lovely British accent as he conversed with a group of people. We joined the discussion, where I learned that Videll was from London, splitting his time between London and NY for work, but looking to make NY his permanent home. Before long, we found that the conversation included only he and I, and being the smart man that he is, he asked me for my phone number! From the outset, I felt an attraction towards Videll. As my mother would say “My spirit took to him” lol. I could feel that he was a good person, that he was genuine. I know that might be presumptuous from an initial encounter, but that’s just how I felt. From Day One. And here we are 3 years later. I was NOT wrong.”


Photographer: Kesha Lambert

Deejay Deejay CEO

Flowers Bride & Blossom

Makeup Camara Aunique

Videography Dave Bertram for Lash To Lens

Photobooth- The Modern Photobooth Inc


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