Only A New Yorker

You know you’re a New Yorker if on your wedding day you take the shortcut through Duane Reade in full wedding attire because it gets you to your reception venue faster

sandjfinal-145I always joke that New Yorkers are unimpressed, un-phased, unmoved by public wedding photography shenanigans. Take a bride and groom around the streets of any other city and onlookers will come flocking, a sweet chorus of “ooo’s” and “awwww’s” and “congratulations! you look beautiful” will ensue. But for my NY people a Bride and Groom invading the city streets for photo/video ops is just business as usual.

sandjfinal-142Well….this photo disproves that theory. At least one admirer took a pause.  This couple and their wedding were so amazing! I cannot wait to share more!


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