Weekend In Review

corinne-3I am so late with this weekend recap and the sound of crickets are slowly taking over this blog. But I’m back to share a little snippet of how last weekend played out for us.  Let’s just say we didn’t have a moment to stop.  

Started Saturday with a maternity session in Queens with one of our favorite long standing clients.  It is such an honor to be able to witness first-hand the growth of her beautiful family.

corinne11:30am: Just look at this dad lovin’ on his baby boy! Can you blame him?! Snippet from a family portrait session in New Rochelle, NY with the Douglas family.  corinne-2They also happen to be my cousins, aren’t they adorable?!  So blessed to have friends and family that not only admire our work and encourage me to excel in this craft but they also support what we do by booking with us.

corinne-42pm-Midnight: Then off to a wedding at the Greentree Clubhouse also in New Rochelle. There were so many great moments at this wedding but I randomly pulled this shot to share. Check out his cool groomsman tuxedo manicure.  The couple had an amazing day capped off by fireworks under a full moon.

shoePhew! are you tired?  Not me!

Engagement session at Cove Island Park in Stamford, CT.  Photos on the Dock, Picnic on the Beach, Canoodling along the shore; yes  all of that went down.  But we have Charly’s adorable 6 year old to thank for finding this pretty shell on an otherwise gray and stony New England coastline beach.

paulyd-3481pm: Liquid Sundays and Pauly D at Foxwoods.  The pool was at max capacity and the forecast was sunny with a chance of champagne showers.  This gig is so much fun. Work and play.

shoe-2Between all of this there were pick ups and drop offs of my little ones to Grandparents homes; hubby and I found ourselves on a late evening Ferry to Long Island on Sunday night which was a sweet close to a full weekend.







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