Top 5 Reasons To Do A Pre-Wedding Bridal Shoot

luxboho-560 (1)_ppTop 10 Reasons Why You Should Do A Pre-Wedding Day Shoot

Number  5 – Dress Rehearsal:  Schedule your hair and makeup trial on this date and you’ll get to see what you’ll look like on your wedding day in advance. You’ll also find out if little things like, do my bridal shoes kill feet?! This gives you an opportunity to make any last-minute need adjustments to makeup, hair, styling details such as shoes and jewelry and/or the fit of your gown.

Number 4 – Location! Location! Location!   Although your wedding venue will no doubt offer amazing backdrops for your photo, the location possibilities are endless when schedule a bridal shoot before your wedding day.  You will not be limited to the locales that fit within the time allowed distance of your wedding venue. Beaches, railroads, historic monuments, grunge locations, rustic locations, urban street art; when you do a bridal shoot in advance you can cover more than just one location which will offer some variety for your final wedding portfolio.

Number 3 – Practice makes perfect –Most of us are not supermodels right?!  Some of us can work a camera like nobody’s business and others of us cringe at the thought of being in front of the lens. A pre-wedding day bridal shoot will allow you an opportunity to channel your inner model and get comfortable in front of the lens.

Number 2 – No Pressure, No Butterflies:  A pre-wedding day bridal shoot is a pressure free experience. There is no time crunch of the wedding day itinerary and there are no adoring onlookers or other wedding day related distractions that add to potential butterflies.  There will be a certain degree of freedom and comfort in front of the lens that your wedding day will not allow. Which brings me to the number one reason you should do a pre-wedding day bridal shoot!

Number 1 – More Time Equals More Amazing!! Without the time crunch of the wedding and without the limitation of just one location; your photographer will have more time to get creative with lighting posing and backdrops. The result should be nothing short of amazing!

A WORD OF WARNING:  Although precautions can be taken to keep your dress safe, there is the risk that your gown could get dirty and/or damaged if you take it out for a test run. Another alternative is the backup dress or the post-wedding day shoot. More on this topic to follow soon!


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