Eden: Dream Fantasy Boudoir

post2I just finished remixing this shot, captured a couple of  years ago during one of my earlier endeavors in to boudoir portraiture.  My subject was draped in a single vine of leaves and we placed a few flowers around her.

The idea was to create an Eve in Eden style portrait and I did a few things in post to bring this idea to life.  I did not use any actions. I adjusted color to warm tones, added more texture to the grass using contrast and sharpening filters. The detail in model’s hair is very soft so I also added texture in post.  This is a composite of 3 images and I created the = flower bed for the model in post.  I added radial and motion blur filters to the image to give the shot a dream like effect.

post3So tell me, which orientation works better for this shot? I am torn but leaning towards landscape orientation. Your thoughts feedback please and thank you!

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