Brides: How to make lip color last longer on the big day

A bride goes through alot in one day. . .and there is especially lots of kissing!  So I like to help my brides’ lips to last at least until after the ceremony, and then they can reapply after they eat.  How do we accomplish this?

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1. Line and fill the entire lip with liner.  I usually use a shade that is close to their natural lip color, maybe a little brighter.  (Where to start? Most people have a pink base lip color even if their lip has more brown in it!)

2. Take a single-ply tissue (if it’s two ply, just separate it) and cover  lips with it.  Take a fluffy brush and dust a face powder similar to their complexion over the tissue/lips.

3. Line and fill in the lips again with the same liner.

4.  Apply lipstick (best with a lip brush.

This way when their lipstick and or lipgloss starts to come off, you’ve at least stained their lips with lip liner that looks like a natural upgrade for their lips!



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