Anatomy Of A Dress Shot

dress2bOne of my favorite parts of covering a wedding is capturing all of the brides fashion details.

3W6B9915Tamika’s wedding was so full of fashion inspiration that I chose to shoot her dress in more than one place.

183294_10151166622601768_283311917_nSo how do I decide where to shoot the dress?  If you peruse my portfolio you’ll find that I love staging the gown either using window light, framed by windows or doorways that illuminate the dress and/or show some detail about the location in the background.  Floor to ceiling windows are a major big plus.

dress2b2The other direction that I may take is shooting the details in a way that shows the setting of the wedding.  dress2Yet another approach is to highlight dress details in context and on the body of the bride.  These are just a few options.   I think it’s important to leave room for inspiration in the moment and shoot the details according to the couples specific wedding day.  I’m in editing mode now. Just popped on to share my two cents on the topic.  More to follow soon!


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