I get this question with every wedding.  And with every wedding I teach my bride and her girls how to cry at the wedding . . .if they need to!  After your makeup is complete, you definitely feel like you don’t want to mess it up.  But sometimes tears are inevitable at your own wedding, especially if you two are reciting your own vows!!  Bring on the waterworks for the bride, the entire bridal party and even the guests!  What do you need to do to keep your makeup in tact?

My beautiful bride below, Shonte, cried a few times during her wedding ceremony and reception.  She knew she would.  So when she asked me I told her, when she cries to use the following technique:

Don’t blink too hard for an excessive amount of time in an attempt to hold in the tears

When the tears come, blink normally and let the tears fall from your eyes.

Once the tears fall from your eyes, use the back of your index finger to pat the tears on your skin.

Blinking too hard for too long can cause the tears to deposit at the top of your lashes and completely ruin your eye makeup.  It’s so much better to let the tears fall so that they fall down and don’t go up above the top lashes.  Once they fall, your eye makeup is still in tact.  Patting the tears with the back of your index finger helps to keep your concealer/foundation in tact.  SN: This technique may not cover hysterical crying . . .only tears of joy! 😉







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