Is there really that much of a difference between men and women’s makeup? Yes and no.   If you’re just trying to make sure that a person doesn’t look oily on camera and that their blemishes are covered then it’s pretty much all the same.  However, if you’re going for beauty makeup, you’re usually trying to enhance features. . . and that’s usually reserved for women.   We do get a few men in our studio with a career that calls for them to look their best in their photos!  In that case, we usually do a little more than cover blemishes and eliminate oil.

We cover blemishes, even out skin tones, groom eyebrows and mustaches, beards and sharpen hairlines!  All while making it seem like there is no makeup on in the photos!!  They are usually apprehensive to get in the chair, of course, men don’t want to be associated with makeup.  So I have to help them to see that even rappers get makeup for their photoshoots.  When the men get out of the makeup chair they are feeling like a million bucks and are thanking me a million times! lol

Here are a few of our brave men:







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