BTS: Male Bonding

As a second shooter, you can have a variety of responsibilities.  At this particular wedding it was my job to take all the shots of the grooms men.  Way too much fun for this particular wedding!  Since all of the groomsmen were from England, they all had the best accents ever and I just enjoyed hearing them speak. . .but then they were all handsome!!  And such a fun bunch!  You could tell that these were very close friends of the groom and that they’ve all had numerous experiences with each other.

At this particular time, Kesha had all the girls/bridesmaids and while they were taking beautiful girly pictures of ruffly things, I had the guys who really wanted to get to the more fun part of the day. . . the reception! So I went with it.  Yes, we can take pics with the cigars.  How about you all light them and can you all blow out the smoke at the same time?  Of course, you can drink your beers too!  LOL!!




So in going with the flow, sometimes you come out with some really cool shots and everyone has fun in the process!








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