Today a client told me that their lashes were begining to get thin and asked for suggestions.  After we talked a few minutes about aging, diet, and eyelash enhancing serums, we got to her mascara.  Since she’s concerned about her lashes falling out, she wanted to know what she could use to take off her waterproof mascara every night.  I then suggested that she stop using waterproof mascara if she really didn’t need to.  Taking off waterproof mascara can definitely take out some of your lashes every once in a while.  Finally, I suggested Fiber Mascara!  Fiber-enriched mascara with tiny strings of silk, nylon or rayon.  The one that I have in our studio is  Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Nylon Mascara.  Although in my opinion, nothing is actually better than fake lashes, Fiber-Enriched mascara can make your lashes look luscious!



The Too Faced mascara is a 2-step process which can be a little tedious but results are pretty good.  There are many others that are one-step!





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