Spring Baby! Twins Baby!

46322_10201726450432479_1956913136_n (1)These girls just melt the heart. So sweet, so beautiful and they smile like they’re using every muscle in their bodies.  I mean her toes are curling she’s laughing so hard. Baby session photo recap!

image-257 image-239 image-237image-223 image-215 image-213 image-210 image-203 image-188 image-187 image-181 1016270_10201726428191923_76310344_n 1005724_10201726419511706_760529796_n (1)


One thought on “Spring Baby! Twins Baby!

  1. Sayantee Jana


    I have an odd request. I am a graduate student of Statistics in an
    University and would like to use the picture of the twin babies I
    found in your blog keshaphotography.com , in my project. The project is a video tutorial in Statistics. Please let me know if I am allowed to do so. I will give proper citation to your website in my presentations. Please let me know at your earliest

    Thanks and regards,

    Sayantee Jana,

    PhD Student,
    Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics,
    McMaster University,
    1280 Main St W,
    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.



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