A Goodbye Chemo, Celebrate Life Boudoir Session

pic2-3You want to know the best thing about being a wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer?  I say this all the time like a broken record. The best thing is the people we meet and connect with. Meet Gina.  Beautiful, witty with eyes that can light up a room.  Gina came in to us with Rabica one of our clients for a friends boudoir portrait session. They booked their friends session not to create sexy keepsakes for their respective significant others, but rather to celebrate life and friendship.  You see Gina who was diagnosed with breast cancer, recently completed her last round of chemotherapy. Gina shared that through early detection the cancer was found in it’s earliest stages and her prognosis is good.  But it’s no secret and I’m sure we’ve all heard countless accounts of how significantly, the life saving therapy can impact the body and weigh on the spirit. So in a sense for Gina and Rabica this was an end of chemo “getting back to me” type of portrait session and Charlene and I had the honor of capturing these portraits.

pic2-2If you’ve ever had boudoir portraits done then you know first hand how empowering, uplifting  and fun the experience can be. And from our perspective, the boudoir portrait photographer/makeup artists, words cannot describe how fulfilling and down right good it feels to see our clients glow with confidence during their session, and later browse their portrait gallery with a “damn I’m fine” look on their face! Although reluctant at first, Gina tells us that she thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

pic2-4If you are battling breast cancer or you’re a breast cancer survivor, we want to hear from you. Next month Lash To Lens will be launching a  initiative to donate makeup lessons and portrait sessions to fighters and survivors with the view in mind to uplift through portraiture. Contact booking@lashtolens.com for more information.



6 thoughts on “A Goodbye Chemo, Celebrate Life Boudoir Session

  1. Bridgette

    As someone who lost a parent to cancer, I am especially moved by this post. Gina is bold and beautiful and will surely be an inspiration to both men and women for years to come. God bless. Thanks for sharing her story, L2L.



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