Sometimes when our skin doesn’t look it’s best, we don’t feel our best.  When I finished this young lady’s bridesmaid makeup for a previous wedding she felt absolutely beautiful.  She had never had her makeup done professionally before and wanted a nice natural look but didn’t want to look overdone.

When it comes to clearing up spots, there are two factors to take into consideration: Is there texture or is it just discolored?  Pimples that are raised above the skin may be the same color as your skin or they may be red/pink in color.  On the other hand, some spots are healed pimples that are now just discolored.  This young lady had raised bumps as well as healing discolored spots.  How did we cover it?


b&A skwed1


b&a skwed2

First, we used primer.  Primer can help smooth and reduce texture in the skin so if there is texure, you definitely want to put that on.  Next we mixed a matte concealer, MAC ProLongwear, which provides medium to full coverage with a matte foundation, Makeup Forever HD, which provides medium coverage.  The mixture was put on with a beauty blender so that we can add more to the spots and less to the skin.  Using a beauty blender also helps foundation/concealer look more natural on the skin.



Life is sooo much better with lashes on!!


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