Backstage With Aerosmith

asm-01I met Steven Tyler and all of Aerosmith!!!! Woo hoo!  You want a well written opening sentence and segue?  Well you’re not getting one! Today I’m giving you giddy school girl groupie fan and, while I am usually very even tempered and cool as ice, we’re talking about Aerosmith so all that coolness? yep that’s out the door.

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry
Steven Tyler and Joe Perry

On Wednesday I photographed Steven Tyler (the man, the icon) and his superstar band mates Aerosmith (the band, the legend) backstage at MGM Grand Foxwoods.  So I’m waiting there backstage at the Meet and Greet location looking very serious and oh so professional and in walks Steven Tyler; he looks over at me and asks “So who’s this young lady?”   To which I replied (more like sang shyly) “I’m the photographer” He opened his arms wide and beckoned me to bring it in. Great big hug and kiss on the cheek from Aerosmith front man? You had me at “young” lady Mr. Tyler!  You had me at “young” lady!

asm-02The vibe backstage was relaxed and earthy. Foxwoods chairman gifted a feather necklace to Steven Tyler during the meet and greet; and how cool is it that Steven Tyler wore the necklace as a part of his ensemble during his concert performance that same night.


During the meet and greet the band  chatted with fans and guests, posed for photo ops and the hugs were flowing freely.   This was yet another fun assignment at MGM Grand Foxwoods.

asm-17 asm-10

asm-08 asm-07Did I mention that I love my job??  I get to work with gorgeous couples during one of the happiest times in their respective relationships; and in between the weddings and engagements we get cool gigs like this?! Stay tuned for more updates and recaps! We have lots of goodies on the calendar coming up!


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