The mother of the bride has beautiful skin.  Beautiful skin is so vital to a great makeup application.  Why? Because makeup covers color and not texture.  So if your skin is smooth (texture) but you have discoloration (color), your makeup application can still look wonderful and highlight the smooth texture and beautiful skin that you have.  This is the case with this beautiful mother of the bride.


b&a mob1


b&a mob2

We filled in her brows with MAC Brows in Lingering.  If someone has mostly grey hair, you definitely don’t want to go too dark on their eyebrows.  You want it to blend in at all times, bringing attention to the eye area but not necessarily to the eyebrows alone.  We used neutral colored eyeshadow, black eyeliner and lashes that were small and thin.

For her under eye area, we used MAC ProLongwear concealer in NC45.  We mixed it with a little Too Faced Shadow Insurance to help with any creasing that may happen during the day.  We gave mom some MAC Frankly Scarlet Blush (clearly my favorite) and a pink lip (pink always gives off a youthful look!) and she was set for her daughters day!


‘Life is soo much better with lashes on’



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