She is! I was honored to do this beautiful young lady’s makeup as a bridesmaid for a wedding on Saturday.  She has great skin and great features.  Especially those eyes!

She originally didn’t plan on getting her makeup done.  After I finished the first bridesmaid, she decided she wanted to get hers done as well.  Of course, I had strict instructions on keeping it natural. . .and that I did!


b&a sandy1



b&a Sandy


What do you notice first? Is it her eyes now?  Good! That was the goal.  We lightly filled in her eyebrows with MAC Brows in Spiked,  used MAC NC45 Full Coverage and Make Up Forever HD Foundation all over her skin.  On her eyes is Inglot eyeshadows in neutral, champagne colors and dark brown for contrast, lined with liquid eyeliner and Red Cherry lashes in #213.  We applied MAC Frankly Scarlet on her cheeks.



Charlene ‘Life is sooo much better with lashes on’ Armstrong



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