A short while ago, I blogged about my favorite eyeshadow primer, MAC Paints.  Since I constantly work with bridal makeup, it’s important to my brides and their bridal party that their eyeshadow stay in tact!  In some of the feedback I received, a few people said that they use Too Faced Shadow Insurance and told me how much they liked that one.  So. . . I decided to try it and see which one I liked the best!  I actually went to Sephora and tried a number of eyeshadow primers to see if there is one that i think is better!  While Too Faced Shadow Insurance turned out to be the best one in Sephora (I chose it for it’s quality of anti-crease as well as its clearness of color), I actually still choose MAC Paints as my primary eyeshadow Primer.

Why?  Both the Too Faced and MAC Paints dry down to a matte and EXCELLENT anti-crease primers.  However, the MAC Paints dried soft enough so that it’s still easy to blend a contrast color into the crease.  Too Faced dries too hard to blend a contrast color in beautifully and naturally, although it can be used for more extreme makeup styles.  Also, because MAC Paints come in so many colors and can be used as an eyeshadow alone, it gets extra points!

One thing I do love the Too Faced primer for is that it brightens the color of the eyeshadows AND . . . drumroll please . . . I have begun using it under the eyes so that concealer/foundation doesn’t crease under there!



Charlene ‘Life is sooo much better with lashes on’ Armstrong


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