Selfie Much?

6013_117460451767_7007628_nNot me. I’m a fairly new iphone convert and with my iphone fixation still being fresh, I’ve taken to rotating the camera phone to my direction of late. Something that I almost never did up until now. I recently read an article highlighting the writer’s all time favorite self portraits. The article inspired me to dig these two photos out of the crates.  I rarely point the lens in my own direction for a self portrait. So rare that up until recently, these two photos the first taken Circa 2003  and the second Circa 2009 with my eldest son and the twins in the belly are the only times in not so recent history that I’ve taken a selfie.

10128_1214692296918_4137227_nOne thing I have to admit is that self portraiture offers a tremendous opportunity for a photographer’s personal development; what better way to test skills, experiment and  learn a few things about yourself than to set up a shoot with test model ME! Stay tuned for my updated selfie. It’s been too long!



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