Not Quite What I was Going For…But I Like!

DSC_7239bGood morning! Still editing and shooting over here. We’re excited about our lineup this weekend and looking forward to celebrating the special dad’s in our lives. I want to share a little back story about this bouquet shot that may shed some light on my creative process.  We all have shot list when covering a wedding (mental or written); but when we cover a wedding I try to submerge myself in to the emotion of the day and capture details that tell the story and show the mood of the day. We find inspiration for a given shot in the moment and sometimes I’ll see a shot in my head and go for the shot.  This mirror and bouquet shot was one such moment.  Charlene and I positioned and repositioned the bouquet until it was just right; except this time around although I still love this shot, the shot did not quite turn out how I saw it in my head.  This happens. This is how we grow. Take chances. Test. Try. Grow and always keep pushing ourselves.


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