Jeanette + Ed

je-920We had an amazing time working with this beautiful couple. These two have great chemistry and they were surrounded by love! We’ve been meaning to share this and other wedding snippets but having been elbow deep in wedding and portrait post work combined  with a full calendar this wedding season we haven’t been posting updates nearly as much as we would like to. So I share this wedding photo recap with the quintessential slacker blogger’s promise that I’ll be better and back on track with posting starting now.  Check out the recap. More to follow!


je-150b2 je-99 je-25 je-704b je-45 je-193

je-771 je-767 je-736 je-729 je-717 je-707 je-704b je-688 je-685 je-274 je-139 je-98 je-25 je-23 je-19

je-848 je-771 je-717

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