Before and After: Skin Retouch

beforeafterFor wedding and portrait photography our goal in post processing is to keep edits as natural as possible. This is particularly important for the close-up portrait. We want to enhance existing eye color, balance skin tone, clean under eye area without losing the texture of the skin. The quick and easy fix is the blur tool found in most photo editing software. The problem we’ve found with the blur tool, healing tool and the like is that using these tools for anything other than minor “one-off” blemish removal can result in a very unnatural overly smooth image. The model in this photo has beautiful skin tone and texture.  My goal with this edit was to even out the texture of the skin while keeping the tone true to her complexion. There are many techniques out there to accomplish this; for this particular image I used the clone, dodge, burn, and noise tools to even the skin and enhance the catchlights in this portrait captured using window light.




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