Transformation Tuesdays!

Alana has beautiful chocolate skin!  Her features and her skin reminded me of a doll!  As a matter of fact, after her makeup was done I started calling her Barbie! lol

If you’ve been reading our Transformation Tuesdays thus far, you already know that we always want the focus to be the eyes.  However, once I got a chance to see her lips I thought, we want people to notice that too!  lol  Totally doable since technically her eyes were made up with neutral colors of gold, bronze and brown.

Here is her cute self before:


Here she is after:



We’re giving the illusion of Alana’s eyes being a little closer together here by adding darker shadow near the bride of her nose.  We also brightened up the inner eye area using a little white eyeshadow.  She has gold shadow on the lid, orange and dark brown in her crease.  Can you see the eyeshadow?



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