Product Review Thursdays: The Kardashian Sisters Khroma Beauty Makeup!

The Kardashians have become such go-to people when it comes to people imitating celebrity looks.  Its no wonder the Kardashian sisters have come out with their own makeup line: Kroma Makeup.  I saw the line a while back and decided to try it recently.  Of course, I love it lol. . . as I always love all the makeup looks on all the Kardashians!  Here are the two products we are reviewing:  Khroma Beauty Lashes in Flirt,  and Khroma Beauty Lipliner/Lipstick and Lipgloss in Au Naturel.

khroma beauty makeup

The lipliner and lipstick come in one pen.  One side is the lipliner and the other side is the lipstick.  Then the lipgloss comes in it’s own separate fabulous tube!

So I must say that I love the packaging here.   I love the copper color of the lipgloss top and the decoration on the lipliner/lipstick!  Even the copper on the lashes makes them look classy.  The lip combo will run you between $14 and $18 from reasonably priced stores or online.  The lashes will cost you approximately $10 (expensive in comparison to other brands).  But let’s talk about quality now!



nikki after

Once again, we’re using Nicole since we used the Khroma Beauty collection on her.  The lashes were long and LUSCIOUS.  They are synthetic lashes (which is why I think the price is pretty expensive compared to human hair lashes) but they lay and BEHAVE like human hair lashes!  Bottom line, they are gorgeous and have a range of lashes that look pretty natural to lashes like these which are VERY GLAM!  I’m pretty sure Kim or her makeup artist was in charge of the lash line since her’s are always fabulous!  Fan!

nikki after3

Now for the lips!  I’m usually not a fan of a nude lip on women who are nicole’s skin color or darker.  However, I should not be surprised that this lip combo actually works great because that Kim Kardashian can ROCK a nude lip!!  When I first started with the nude beige colored liner I wasn’t convinced.  Even when I added the lipstick, I thought the color would be all wrong. . . especially since the lipstick was kind of matte.  That all changed once I added the lipgloss!  It added just a touch of pink to the lip color and loads of shine!  And it goes perfectly with a smokey eye!


Charlene “Life is sooo much better with lashes on” Armstrong

Charlene & Kesha/Lash to Lens



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