Transformation Tuesdays: It’s all about Illusion – Two Different Looks

Today’s transformation was so much fun!  Below is Nicole, freelance makeup artist and makeup artist for Lash to Lens.   I chose Nicole because of her beautiful skin and gorgeous eyes!  I also wanted to show her how different a person can look with a light/bright eye versus a dark smokey eye!  (Not to mention that doing two looks on a client may have been exhausting for them!  😉




The first look on Nicole is a fun look.  Even though we have used neutral colors on the eye, her eyes still pop!  This is such a misconception for some women who come to sit in my chair.  They say, I want my eyes to pop, so I want to use bright colors!  Making your eyes pop doesn’t mean you need brightly colored eyeshadow.  Brightly colored eyeshadow will definitely make you more noticeable when walking down the street though!  Making the eyes pop means accentuating the shape of your eyes so that it can be the most noticeable thing on your face.  We used beige and dark brown on Nicole’s eyes here, simple black liner and LUSCIOUS lashes (KHROMA lashes from the Kardashian women to be exact.  Please look for our review on Product Review Thursdays!) In this look, we have challenged the eyes with a pop color lip though, MAC Impassionate! Love!


nikki after

This second look, is a deep smokey eye using black eyeshadow, liner and the same Kardashian lashes.  The lips are the nude lip combination of liner, lipstick and gloss also from the KROMA collection!  (Once again, look for the review on Product Review Thursdays!)  While the smokey eye in this second look draws more attention to Nicole’s eyes, her eyes also look a little small than they did with the other look.  Why? Since Nicole has eyes that protrude, the dark shadow in this picture gives us the illusion that she doesn’t, since dark colors recede and hide while light colors highlight.  Although the lighter eyeshadow looks great on her, you can totally see that her eyes protrude with that look. If you imagine her hair down with this look and her all dressed up . . . STELLAR!


nikki after3

nikki after2

Which look do you like the best?  Did this help you decide what look may be best on your eyes?


Charlene “Life is sooo much better with lashes on” Armstrong

Lash to Lens



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