Product Review Thursdays: Katy Perry Lashes!

I love Katy Perry! Her music, her makeup, her entire look.  And since everyone who knows me knows that lashes are my favorite thing, I decided to try her line of lashes.  Her collection is strip eyelashes ranging from more natural glam to all out OH MY GOD lashes!!  Similar to the name of one of the pairs of her eyelashes, a very dramatic pair!  Here is a breakdown of a few of the pairs:

Sweetie pie: The most natural of all.  Those who don’t wear lashes often and are going for natural, slightly thicker lashes can wear these.

Oh Honey: Thicker and more dramatic with a natural flair.  A true enhancement to your own lashes.

Cool Kitty:  These are thick, dramatic lashes that will certainly bring the attention to your eyes.  The band is a little thick on this one so it will be more apparent that you’re wearing lashes.

Oh My: Definitely should be worn for the night time.  If you have small eyes, you may not be able to carry these well.  However, those blessed with big, bright eyes will bring more attention to them!  The band is thick on these lashes as well.

Color Pop Lashes: These are adorable long lashes that have a pop of color in them!  These are the ones I’m wearing in the pics below!

My favorite pair are the Oh Honey lashes!  Truthfully, everyone can use them.  The band is thin and almost invisible which is one of the most important aspects of a pair of fake lashes.  Even those with small eyes can simply cut the width of the lashes down to fit their eye.  However, these Color Pop Lashes are fun and I loved them as well:

Here is the lovely box that it comes in!  This color is called Ka-Ching!!  It has green lashes mixed in!

photo 4

It comes with lash adhesive and explicit instructions as well as warnings!

photo 1

Here they are out of the box!  You can really see the strategically placed green hairs!

photo 3




On my eyes you can see how green they are but from further away they don’t look weird!  So anyone can wear them. What a fun pair of lashes!!


These lashes will run you from $6-$10 each pair!

You can see and buy these lashes at

Charlene “Life is sooo much better with lashes on” Armstrong

Lash to lens



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