Transformation Tuesdays: Weightloss – A True Makeover

This client lost over 20 pounds since her before photos!    She was a part of a weight loss program where one of her rewards was a makeover and photoshoot with us!  We are honored to have witnessed such dedication and determination to reach her goals!  Congratulations Kettisha Jeffers!


before and after photos

Now, over 20 pounds lighter and feeling great about herself, you can see the weightloss transformation in Kettisha’s face and neck.  We accentuated her eyes and slightly contoured her nose.  We also enhanced her cheek bones just a bit.


before and after makeover

Some products we used to accomplish this look are:  MAC Eyebrow pencil in Spiked, Inglot eyeshadows and lipstick, MAC Instant Gold Lustreglass, Red Cherry Lashes #43, MAC Amazon Princess Blush.

Once again, congratulations to Kettisha!  She worked really hard and made the changes she wanted to make!  I was inspired to get back into the gym when I took her photos!  She was trained by Westchester County Fitness Professionals

It’s only natural to enhance your beauty –

Charlene ‘Life is sooo much better with lashes on’ Armstrong

Lash to Lens



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