Product Review Thursdays: Eyeshadow Primer

Today’s product review is for my favorite eyeshadow primer!   I have been using this for years and refuse to switch lol!  They say it’s it’s not broke then don’t try to fix it!  What’s your favorite eyeshadow primer?

MAC Paints!

As I explain to my clients in their one-on-one classes, it’s very similar to actual paint!  It goes on wet and once it dries, it doesn’t come off unless you take it off.  It also, doesn’t crease!  So while it’s still wet, I add powder eyeshadow on top.  Guess what? That eyeshadow will not move until you take it off!


MAC Paints also doubles as eyeshadow and comes in a variety of colors. . . so you can just wear it on its own without powder eyeshadow if you’d like!

Be sure to get yours from a MAC Store or counter in a department store near you!


Charlene “Life is sooo much better with lashes on” Armstrong

Lash to Lens


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