This Is My Sister!

party-13“This is my sister!”  She was one of the first guest to arrive for the portrait party celebration and she made this declaration upon entering the studio; the birthday girl proudly cosigned this declaration.  The adorable little guest later clarified “Well she’s not literally my sister, but she’s best friend, so she’s my sister!”  To which I replied “I completely understand!”   because I DID understand.

party-07Having no biological sisters, I am personally familiar with the “sisters of the heart” connection. Photographing these girls reminded me of my Tween days, giggling with a gang load of my girlies, smart beyond our years, silly and carefree! Seriously feels like that was just 2 hours ago! Time really does fly when you’re having fun and I am so thankful to still be close to some of my “sisters” from the Tween days!

party-42The concept for this birthday party portrait party was FUN. plain. and. simple.  The birthday girl and her besties had a blast! Here are a few snippets from the session!




Lash To Lens Portrait Parties are great way to celebrate a birthday, bachelorette or a moms night out! Contact us for to book your Portrait Party event today!


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