Transformation Tuesdays: Tan Mom!

We were so excited to have Tan Mom Patricia Krentcil arrive at our studio.  We had all seen her on the news and what tanning had done to her skin.  When she walked in the door, we were so pleased to see that her skin was repaired.  She owes her skin’s recovery to Dana Ramos, founder of the Skin Regime

Our goal with any makeover is to enhance the features of the client.  You can see in the before photos that Patricia has great features.  We were also instructed to keep the makeup more natural as to show how great her skin has recovered.


Tan Mom's Makeover at Lash to Lens in New Rochelle

When she arrived, her skin was repaired as you can see.  Her eyebrows were a little dark for her skin color and hair color so I lightened them a little.  Also, what features do you notice first when you look at the before picture versus the after picture?  Eyebrows first, then nose, then cheeks.  I wanted to you to mostly notice her eyes and the beautiful color of her hair so we did a little contouring with her!


Tan Mom's makeover at Lash to Lens

Now what do you notice first?   Isn’t it her eyes? And then isn’t it her hair?  I lightened her eyebrows, lined her eyes and used lashes, then contoured her so that those are the things you will notice first.  What a pretty lady!

Hair by Keisha Massop of KMass Hair click here

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Charly ‘Life is sooo much better with lashes on’ Armstrong!

Lash to Lens

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