Transformation Tuesdays: Old School Glamour!

Tonya came into the studio to do a photoshoot for her album cover.  She said she wanted an old school glamourous look, circa 1920’s, but nothing too crazy because she doesn’t usually wear makeup.  She also told me that she trusted me from my work that she has already seen.  So. . . I got to work and here are the results.




Tonya already has a lovely look!  And she came with her hair up so that when she took it down she could have the style she desired.



Her eyeshadow colors are neutral, earthtone colors because we wanted her lip color to be the focal point.  However, you can always make the eyes pop no matter what colors are being used!  The contrast shadow was placed from the edge of the eye going diagonally to the top of the brow bone and paired with a lash that is heavier on the outer edge to give it more of an old school feel.  We took her hair out and pinned it back up in the back so that she would definitely give off her circa 1920 vibe!


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