Boxing With 50 Cent At MGM Foxwoods

boxing-82The last time I shot a boxing event was, never before! Although we shoot weddings, events and portraiture we always welcome the opportunity to shoot something new. Needless to say shooting at the Friday Night Fights at Foxwoods event where 50 Cents boxer was the main event was a mix of work and play! We were ringside  in the heart of the action fand for me the experience was eye-opening. “You can bring your camera up to the ropes to shoot but just keep a look out. If the boxers come your way be sure to move back so you do get your camera smashed or get splashed with sweat and blood”  tipped the only other female photographer shooting ringside. I have to say I love that photographing weddings bares no such risks; but I am grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to add this notch to my experience belt! Check out my photo recap here!boxing-56boxing-55 boxing-69boxing-81boxing-105boxing-110


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