Before and After: That Kim Kardashian!!

Alot of my clients reference Kim Kardashian when asking for a specific makeup look.  Whether we like her or not, she IS beautiful!  So of course many people would like to look similar to her.

One thing we have to realize when bringing in a picture of a celebrity or anyone and asking for their makeup is that before the makeup, we may not really look like them.  Their eyes, nose, mouth and face shape may be completely different.  So either we are asking to look like Kim Kardashian or we are asking for our makeup style to look like hers.  I always help my clients to see that their makeup will be ‘inspired’ by hers.  We will use the same eyeshadow colors, lip color, eyeliner style etc but we won’t transform your face to look like hers!

That being said, several of my clients have come to me with the same picture of Kim Kardashian to inspire their makeup look!  So I had to blog about it.  Here is my latest client who has makeup inspired by the Kim Kardashian photo below.



My absolutely beautiful client Genese is below.  She has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen!  These are unedited photos!  She’s just as pretty as Kim Kardashian!



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