Toddlewood AGAIN! This time it was the Grammy’s!

One of my favorite makeup jobs to be a part of has come around again.  Thanks to my girl Shameika Bowman, I got the call to transform the most adorable kids into their celebrity lookalike, Grammy’s style!  Here are the kids I was responsible to do makeup for!

Rihanna! How cute is this Toddlewood Rihanna?!!!  She originally had very, very curly hair and hairstylist Sharon Alexander took her from curly to straight in no time!  Once I applied her makeup to match Rihanna’s.. . it was over!!!  Rihanna’s mini-me!

Rihanna Grammy's 2013

(Rihanna photo from

Kelly Osbourne!  This little one totally embodied her look alike! She couldn’t wait to get her purple hair and her eyelashes!  Then she kept it on, even after the shoot!  There I am with her in the bottom photo.


(Kelly photo from

Here is Taylor Swift!

photo 1

(Taylor photo from

Justin Timberlake!  He is really one of my favorite singers/performers!  This little Justin is actually also named Justin!! lol  He did a great job getting into character!

JT Grammys (Perez Hilton photo)
JT Grammys (Perez Hilton photo)

Sean Paul! Love Sean Paul and this little cutie took on his personality once we made him up!  Facial hair included, this was adorable!!

photo 3

As always, I had a ball working with these kids!  Kids love to play dress up, and getting transformed into a gorgeous celebrity makes it even better for them!  They truly have a great time too!.

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Charlene  ‘Life is sooo much better with lashes on’ Armstrong 😉

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