Celebrity Wedding Makeup

So I came across this lovely wedding picture again this morning and every time I look at it I get the feeling that these two really do love each other.  I also notice how beautiful Jessica looks in her soft pink wedding gown and simple chignon hairdo!  I love that she decided to go with a more natural/neutral look for her wedding day as well.  Although I ALWAYS accommodate the bride’s vision of herself on her wedding day, when asked, I often suggest a wonderful natural/neutral look for the big day.  I don’t mean the eyes shouldn’t pop (because they should ALWAYS) and the lipstick isn’t a great!  I just means that the eye makeup isn’t extra dark or colorful.  Why? It can be more classic!  So. . .when you look at your wedding photos in years to come, there won’t be any regrets. . .at least not with the makeup! ;-0






From the pictures, Jessica looks like she’s wearing a bronze shimmer on her eyes and maybe a pair of lashes.  Her foundation looks minimal and her lips are the perfect pink.

Some similar colors for eyeshadow could be NARS Shimmer eyeshadow in California or MAC Eyeshadow in Coppering or Mulch.  For lips, NARS Mayflower or MAC Lustering.

There are a number of celebrities getting married this year, including the three below. Can’t wait to see how they put it all together!




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