The Wedding Day Schedule

So you’ve planned and planned and now your biggest day is almost here.  Everything is in place. . . . except, how to make it all work and be on time to your wedding?  If you don’t have a wedding planner or day-of coordinator, it can get a little messy.   Since I’ve done makeup and photography for a gazillion weddings, I’ve seen a few things that work and a few that don’t!

Of course, since it’s your special day, you should only be dealing with professionals!  Professional hairstylists, makeup artists and photographers, as they can help you make the best decisions.  Try to make it so that EVERYTHING ELSE is done prior to the wedding day.  Although traditionally wedding portraits are taken after the ceremony for the sake of the groom seeing the bride for the first time, it’s great to take portraits prior to the wedding to get them done so that you can truly enjoy your wedding!

Now for the order of things:  The ideal situation would allow the bride to get everything done last, after all her bridesmaids.  First stop should be hair.  Hairspray, gel, etc. can add oils to the skin so it would be great for each person to get their hair done BEFORE getting their makeup done.  Then, makeup of course!!  Once hair and makeup is done, time to put on dresses!




Your photographer may need to visit your groom and groomsmen as well as time for pictures of your fashion details: your dress, your shoes, the rings, your flowers before she will take pictures of the bridal party getting ready.  When we do a wedding, we LOVE to capture pictures of everyone getting ready.  Therefore, having your photographer come about an hour or so before you will be completely dressed can be a good idea.


Being organized and having a list with time of when everyone sits in the hair chair and then the makeup chair is best!  Estimate each service for each bridesmaid to be about 30 minutes.  Estimate an hour for yourself for each service!  Less stress about these details will keep your day happy and fun!



Life is so much better with lashes on!


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