Black And White

Those who know me, know that I love pops of color. Bold color, muted color, soft color, louder and larger than life color!  Colors make me happy; though you wouldn’t guess it from my wardrobe which is all black, and varying shades of charcoal grays and on rare occasion a little pink or yellow may sneak in.

DSC_9828What I don’t dare to do via my wardrobe I am always eager to bring out in my work; color, color and more color.

ifemakeupbBut when it comes to portraiture and photography in general, there is something so uniquely pleasing to the eye about a black & white image.

DSC_5074bBlack and white images are timeless. Elegant.  Classic.

photo-28bwThey evoke a certain drama that cannot be achieved through color.

59487_434381281767_117447701767_4865899_8122032_nFor this reason our clients will always find a mix of black and white  images in their final selection.



Kesha Lambert and Charlene Armstrong are principals at Lash to Lens, 176 North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10801. Contact Kesha and Charlene at For more information go to

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