My Little Superhero! Diary of a Supermom!

While most little boys like superheroes, i can’t imagine it being any more than my son Dean!  He won’t even walk around the house without some type of ‘super’ suit on and refuses to be called by his real name when he is wearing any ‘super’ suit.   Me: ‘Dean’, Dean: “Mommy, don’t you see I have on my suit?” Me: “I’m sorry, Ironman”.

A while back, Dean approached me downtrodden because he couldn’t fly, I decided to capture these beautiful moments of superheroism!  He said, “Mommy, I can’t be a superhero because I can’t fly”.  I had to think fast, I couldn’t let him think he was not a superhero. . he would be completely crushed!!  I responded, “Most superheroes can’t fly when they’re young, it’s not until they learn alot more and get a little older that they then learn to fly!” lol.  I just couldn’t break his heart.  That’s when i called my business partner Kesha and said “we need to do a photoshoot with Dean as a superhero!”




Although he will always be my superhero, he will grow older and will no longer be concerned with trying to fly or other kiddie concerns.  I’m so glad I was able to capture this period and will have these memories!



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